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contemporary mooramie house design
Chien and Associate General Contracting Group Inc. is a group of professional engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, demolition specialists, carpenters, painters, construction workers and general project managers. It was founded by Tom Chien and has been servicing the NYC and Nassau County area since 2008.
华廷建築公司 (C & A General Contracting Group) 持有在紐約市, 和紐約州長島的建築許可執照及保險. 我們承包任何大小工程, 室內 室外重建以及裝修。我們並且與專業工程師, 建築師, 建築師,水工,電工,木工,油漆工,建築工人, 及其他相關專家密切合作,促成讓​​屋主心想的 房子夢想成真。我們對我們的公司客戶 提供以下保證和承諾: 專業負 責的工作態度, 最高品質的服務質量, 合理的價格和滿意的結果. 請歡迎致電免費估價。

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